WPLR is a radio station out of Milford, Connecticut (they moved there from New Haven recently) which features classic rock, and also some new music. They broadcast at 99.1 FM.

WPLR's most notable personalities include:

Brian Smith and Bruce Barber:
Brian and Bruce front the show Smith & Barber: The Morning Show. The show ranks among the most popular morning shows in Connecticut, and is the most popular show on the station. Brian and Bruce are joined by Megan Doll with the news and Billy Winn, who is usually on the road somewhere in Connecticut.

Pam Landry:
Pam runs the Blueplate Special, a lunchtime show which plays listener requests from local businesses and individuals.

Mike Lapitino (aka "Your old buddy, Lappy"):
Lappy features the Traffic Jam, which plays music during the rush hour drive, and the Six at 6, in which listeners get to vote on which of 2 bands they want to hear 6 songs in a row from.

The Wigmaster:
Every Friday at 5pm, the Wigmaster does the Wigout, where he spotlights something absurd in our society and goes off on it for 5 minutes or so. Often heard saying "Yowza, yowza, yowza."

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