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This is a standard game of tag except that you play it in a Walmart. Now what makes this special, you ask? Well, playing in a large public place makes it more entertaining. It changes the game dynamic entirely. It goes from being a chase-until-exhausted game to a game of subtlety and intrigue.

OK, here is the setup. Traditionally in my group of friends someone has wanted to go to Walmart while everyone else is over. So everyone goes. The person who actually wanted to go to Walmart is base. They go about their business, buying stuff, shopping, etc. If you are touching them, you are safe and can not be tagged. Everyone else is in the game. Base tags someone and says "You're IT".
Madness ensues.

We always play with the no tagbacks rule and it is from there that the game gets it's deviousness. Since it is easy to loose sight of people in your average sized Walmart, it becomes a game of "Is that person IT or not?" Normally, if two people are walking together, there is a good chance that one or the other is IT. Three people you can never tell.

This is a variation of a another game called Stop That Man! that my good friend Logan made up.

Also important to note: Don't play Walmart freeze tag. Variations in other department stores and drugstores are fun too. Two stories, twice as fun...

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