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a playground game played by kids where the kids try to tag each other and the unfortunate tagged kid must stop until another teammate saves him/her by re-tagging.

A theater game played by improv comedy troupes such as ComedySportz. Also seen sometimes on Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Two players start on stage. The rest stand off to the side. An audience member is called up to pose the players in any position they wish. When the game starts, the two players must improvise a scene to justify the position they start out in.

At any point in the scene, one of the players on the sidelines can call out "freeze!" The players on stage freeze, and the third player enters, and replaces one of the frozen players, mimicing their position. A new scene is now improvised from this position.

Repeat the above about 10 times. It's good clean fun. Except when you're frozen in a position that's obviously sexual.

Also a popular mod for the games Quake II and Quake III Arena, where if you die, you become a big person-shaped iceblock. Your teammates can unfreeze you by touching you for three seconds. If an entire team is frozen, the non-frozen team gets large bonuses.

This improv comedy game can be made a little bit harder by changing the rules just a bit. First the scene starts with only one person. He/She is given an action. The actor then poses this action and freezes and then the very same actor can define his/her action again. The actor starts to act and any other actors "in the audience" can yell "Freeze!" and the actors on stage must freeze. The yeller then assumes a completely new position and a new scene is created.

This is continued until the maximum actor number is reached (good values for this are 4, 5 and 6. It's very difficult to make a good scene with 6 people on stage). At this point the actor start to leave. The last person who came on stage leaves first. The leaving must be justified.

This exercise is great for warm-up!

btw. My teacher called this game "Jähmy" in Finnish...

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