The name of the town Walla Walla actually comes from the Iora language, one of myriad languages spoken by the Australian aborigines.

The Iora tribe were the first tribe to have contact with Europeans when they sailed into Botany Bay in 1788. The following is from The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes:

"Over the next two days all the rest of the fleet arrived in Botany Bay. The Aborigines began to assemble in greater numbers on the rock strewn spits and white beaches. As Sirius sailed past Port Solander, Captain John Hunter watched them flourish their spears at her and cry, "Walla Walla!" These words, the first recorded ones spoken by a black to a white in Australia, meant "Go away!"

Walla Walla is Nez Perce for "place of many waters," and is the name of a Southeastern Washington tribe. It is also the name of a Jumbo class ferry, in the service of the Washington State Ferry system, which was built in Seattle, Washington in 1972.

Source: WSDOT web site

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