This isn't really something that happened today but it has been consuming the majority of my thoughts this morning. The other day I was coming home from work. I entered my apartment complex, which is actually the dormitory for my college. I refer to it as an apartment complex because it doesn't exactly match the preconceived notions of a college dormitory. Moving on.

I was entering my building (one of four) and I noticed another person out of the corner of my eye. I didn't really pay that much attention to who it was because most of my friends were gone for the weekend and the peripheral view of the person didn't strike me as someone I knew. When I got to the elevator lobby I pressed the button and turned around to wait for the elevator. I finally took notice of the person who had entered the building just prior to myself. It was a girl that I had seen around the complex and in my mind I was fairly sure that she lived on my floor. If she didn’t, she had a friend on my floor that she visited a lot. I wasn’t sure what room she lived in/visited because it was on the other end of the hall from my room. She stepped on to the elevator ahead of me and as I got on she asked me “What Floor?” I replied with the appropriate floor even though I noticed that it had already been selected. To this she responded “Oh, you live on my floor.” Then she asked which end of the hall I lived on and I explained with the appropriate direction. I live at the end of the hall and the discussion turned to the fact that it is a pain in the ass to live at the end of the hallway. However short the elevator ride actually is, this particular ride seemed to take forever.

It is important to understand that I have thought this girl was attractive from the first time I saw her but I never really had much contact with her because I didn’t know any of the people with which she socialized. Also complicating matters was the fact that I have a very close knit group of friends and I tend to avoid socializing outside that group. Back to the story.

We rode in silence the rest of the way to our floor. We were exiting the elevator and even though I found this girl very attractive it seemed as though my outgoing personality had receded and left me with nothing to say. Just as I had given up hope and started to turn toward my end of the hall she turned toward me and asked a question I have heard many times but had never put so much meaning into. “What was your name again”, she inquired. I was stunned and shocked but I managed mutter my pathetically boring name. She nodded and shared her name with me. Then she said something that is what has sparked my imagination and is the reason for this node. “I’ll see you around.” A simple statement, which to most people would think nothing of but to me, at that point in time, that four-word sentence meant a world of things. Since that encounter I keep hoping to see her when I am out and about. I keep wondering what I’ll say when I do see her and I know that no matter how much I plot and plan when I do finally run into her again I’ll mutter something completely different from anything that I planned. Anyway this is what I have been thinking about this morning at work. I don’t have much to do and when I am bored my mind wanders. This was originally a day log but I feel it has blossomed into a node worthy of its own space. So, if you are reading this thinking that it sounds like a day log that is why.

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