While reviewing the rogue's gallery of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, I found a disturbing similarity in most of the villains. It seems that many of the original ne'er-do-wells who plagued our wallcrawling hero all had the same color scheme.

For instance:

- The Lizard: Green scales, purple pants, white labcoat
- Mysterio:Green jumpsuit, purple cape, white fishbowl
- Green Goblin: Green body suit and mask, purple tunic, gloves, and hat
- The Scorpion: Green costume with tail
- The Vulture: Green jumpsuit, white collar
- Dr. Octopus: Green jumpsuit
- Electro:Green jumpsuit, really awful yellow electric bolt mask

It seems that in the early days of Marvel Comics, the designers of new villains and heroes made a clear dividing lines in the use of color: heroes got primary colors and villains got greens, purples, and oranges.

Of course, there are exceptions, even in the list of Spider-Man villains. The Rhino is just one big grey lump with a horn. The Shocker is dressed all in a yellow quilt (but then who ever thinks of the Shocker as a major Spider-Man villain) and the Kingpin is always dressed like a waiter. But as a whole, the majority of the villains seem to buy their costumes from the same designer.

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