A book by Roger Ebert which opens without preamble into a collection of more than two hundred reviews of films he rated at two or less stars. The title of this book is taken from his spectacularly venomous review of Rob Reiner's film "North". A significant portion of this review was in fact read to Reiner at his Friar's Club roast. Which he deserved, because it's hard to fathom how such a skilled filmmaker could fall so low.

Although Roger Ebert is usually both witty and insightful, most of his reviews are availible for free online, and he is both wealthy and famous enough that one should probably not buy this collection on his behalf. In addition to this, a large portion of the reviews are over one star, and thus don't really contain enough vitriol to be an entertaining read. A review stating that a ten year old movie was 'modestly bad' is probably not going to interest the average reader.

Incidentally, the star of North, Elijah Wood, is the same person who would one day play the role of a certain famous hobbit in a series of films that proved to be somewhat more successful.

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