Jay Prescott Sherman is the main character on The Critic, a TV show that originally aired on ABC and FOX, but now airs in reruns on Comedy Central. Jay is acerbic, cynical, and hates almost every movie he sees. Of course, this makes him the perfect film critic. Jay hosts Coming Attractions, the movie review program on Duke Phillips' network.

Jay was adopted back in the late 1960s by Franklin and Eleanor Sherman when he was just a baby. He had an awkward childhood, often being embrassed by his parents. He grew to despise his mother and the rift between them grew until she nearly died. Jay majored in film at college. His student film, "L'artiste est Morte", was a very low budget production, but it sparked his life long love of film. In college Jay spent his free time playing with a race car set while his roommate had wild sex in the dorm almost every night.

Jay was married in the 1980s to his now ex-wife Ardith Sherman. The couple had one son, Martin Sherman. Marty lives primarily with his father, while his mother spends her time warding away any woman who appears remotely interested in Jay. Jay will owe her alimony forever, mainly because the judge who presided over their divorce case was also Ardith's lover at the time ("I decree that Ardith gets the house, the car, and that lamp in the bedroom I love so much.").

Jay had many adventures during the two-year run of The Critic. He wrote the script for Ghostchasers III, in which a giant Ed Koch runs amok in New York City. He ran in the New York Marathon and finished last (and finished four days later). He quit his film critic job and became a trucker (his handle was Lardbutt). For a brief period he was on the Duke Phillips presidential campaign team as speech writer. His biggest professional accomplishment, however, would have to be his Pulitzer Prizes and Golden Globe Awards. Some of Jay's catchphrases include "Hotchi Motchi" and "It stinks!"

Jay eventually did meet a woman who was romatically interested in him: Alice Tompkins. Jay hired Alice to be his personal assistant, and over time their relationship grew. However, in the series of Shockwave cartoons featuring Jay, Alice seems to have been replaced with a new love interest. Jay was last seen in the aforementioned Shockwave cartoons at http://www.shockwave.com.

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