A remarkably funny, if relatively unsung, character from ABC/FOX's animated series The Critic. Doris isJay Sherman's personal make-up artist on Coming Attractions, formerly a riveter of World War II fighter jets. She often serves as comic relief and a source of humility for Jay, responding to his requests for advice and flights of fancy with jokes about his lackluster physique or a simple zinger. The responsibility of making Jay pretty has been hers for a long time, which could only serve to fuel her chain smoking habit (her parrot is prone to saying, "Awk! Smoking keeps me regular"). She was also briefly the fiancee of billionaire Duke Phillips, and was thought to be Jay's biological mother. Much in the same fashion as many successful FOX cartoon characters, she is highly sarcastic and comedically ruthless...

  • Jay: "Doris, do you ever think about what that stuff's doing to your lungs?"
    Doris: "Yeah, it's holding them together."
  • Jay: "You're old enough to be my mother!"
    Doris: "And you're fat enough to be my car."
Because actions speak louder than words, here are some memorable things Doris did on the show:
  • Got a tattoo of herself with her first love: Lon Chaney, Sr.
  • As revenge for an insult from Jay, painted "I ♥ Farm Animals" on the back of his head, leading to widespread mocking as he walked through the United Nations School
  • Waited outside after arriving a clinic with Jay to determine whether she was his mother, due to the No Smoking sign

Doris' voice was provided by Doris Grau.

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