Personal assistant and would-be girlfriend of Jay Sherman on The Critic. Alice grew up in Tennessee with her sister Miranda and brother Bisquick. She was named after Alice Kramden on The Honeymooners. Her talents include painting extravagent murals. She married country singing star Cyrus Tompkins and moved to New York City, where they had a daughter, Penny Tompkins. However, Cyrus began cheating on Alice and she left him, taking Penny with her. Cyrus begged her to come back, but she had had enough. The final piece of damning evidence was the title of Cyrus' latest album: I'm Being Unfaithful To My Wife Alice Tompkins. You Heard Me, Alice Tompkins.

After leaving Cyrus, Alice moved into a little apartment in Manhattan. She was walking with Penny in the rain one day when Jay Sherman offered to share his cab with her. Thinking he was a creep, Alice maced Jay. He was OK, however, and the two became fast friends.

When Alice was evicted from her apartment, Jay offered her a job as his personal assistant. With the new job she was able to afford the rent at her apartment. She is by Jay's side at official functions and film screenings. They were on the verge of dating when the series was cancelled.

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