Warren G was born Warren Griffin III and is a half-brother of Dr. Dre. Warren G grew up in Long Beach, California and once ran with the Long Beach Crips gang. Warren G formed the rap group Three the Hard Way which was renamed to 215 with Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Doggy Dogg). He has produced such artists as MC Breed and 2Pac as well as helping out Dr. Dre on The Chronic. His first work was a vocal collaboration and producing with Mista Grim the track "Indo Smoke". His most known work, which sampled the Michael McDonald work "I Keep Forgettin'" was "Regulate" appeared on the Above the Rim soundtrack.

Warren G is active with the youth in his Long Beach community. He has supported a proposed teen center, spoke at high schools and is always trying to employ people from the local neighborhood.

Not to be confused with Warren G. Harding...

sources: allmusic.com & mtv.com

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