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My roommates and I live on the tenth floor. (See the Virgin Vault for more details.) Anyway, occassionally, we try to break our reputation of being "that good girl floor." So, we developed the Water Balloon Olympics, easily transferred to the Fruit Olympics, the Pop Olympics, and the Frosted Mini Wheats Olympics.

Whenever anything that can be aimed needs to be thrown out, we assemble on top of the counter, and gather around the window. We all take turns aiming for a certain specified target, and see how the event turns out. Sometimes, if we are really feeling bitchy, we aim for people. Other times it is cars, and sometimes, we go down and draw a big circle with chalk.

Last week, we held the Mystery Toss. We set the day, and all eight of us we scheduled to bring anything we wanted. The Mystery Items were judged on the way they splattered on the ground!! Sounds, effects, and creativity were all judged. We had strawberries, cake, jello, cereal, bananas, spaghetti, cool whip, and sinfully, eggs.

Undoubtedly, the eggs won, with the Cool Whip a close second. Me and my Cool Whip would have won, except for a minor detail. Cal, with her carton of eggs, actually hit a girl. A unanimous decision resulted, since the girl was dressed to kill in a tube top, bar pants, and high heels. We all agreed the egg went quite well with the butterfly clippies in her hair. (Something tells me she didn't feel the same way.) The effect my Cool Whip had on the windsheild of the red sports car down below hardly put up a fight.

In any event, it is April, and we have not been caught at our escapades. We are quite proud of that fact. We are running out of ideas of things to throw out, and we have already booked a twelvth floor room for next year. We must uphold our reputation, and suggestions are welcome.

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