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The Waybacks are a five-member acoustic band from the West Coast, though lately their gig circut has led them all across the United States and into Canada. The band has an eclectic bluegrass style that they term acoustic mayhem.

The members of the group, in brief, are James Nash, who plays lead guitar and mandolin, and also performs vocals on several of the songs; Chojo Jacques, a talented fiddle player who does his share of mandolin and vocals as well; Stevie Coyle, spokesman, lead vocalist, and fingerstyle guitar player; Joe Kyle, Jr., on the standup bass; and Chuck Hamilton on percussion.

While the group's style is very much shaped by their instruments, their songs come from many different backgrounds and have distinct sounds. From jigs and hornpipes to Spanish-themed folksongs, the band covers huge territory and does it with consistent quality.

At the time of this noding, the Waybacks have three albums, two studio recordings titled Devolver and Burger After Church, and a live album titled Way Live. Their reviews and music can be found at their website, http://www.waybacks.com. A number of mp3 samples can be downloaded from their site. Also, they have an open taping policy, and four of their concerts are preserved in full on archive.org's etree collection.

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