An indie rock band from Brooklyn by way of Los Angeles. We Are Scientists consists of Keith Murray on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Chris Cain on Bass, and Michael Tapper on Drums. According to their website, they "assembled, Voltron-like, in the 2000 Berkeley spring." Citing such influences as Pixies, The Beach Boys, Weezer, and Franz Ferdinand, they exemplify the guitar-driven "insanely catchy pop hooks" of both the geek rock and New York dance-rock movements. Their lyrics are characterized by repeated choruses and deal most often with individual interpersonal relationships. The songs on their earlier albums are also very self-referential.

Recently, We Are Scientists have become a hit in the New York rock scene, playing regularly at CBGB with their favorite band, Bishop Allen. They could also be seen at 2005's SXSW music festival at the Hard Rock Cafe in Austin, Texas, where they were introduced by Neal Pollack. The band recently returned from their first Eurpean tour in support of their new album, The Wolf's Hour.


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