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Song: We Beseech Thee
From: Godspell (the stage musical, NOT in the movie)

I actually sang this song. Like, in front of people. And I wasn't paid (what an injustice).

But hey, it's all for Jesus, right?

"Godspell" was my high school's fall play in my sophomore year. I felt somewhat insecure acting in it, having just recently renounced my (and my school's) Catholicism, but musical theater can do strange things to people.

This was my big number (I also did a Dr. Evil bit earlier in the show, and scored with the hooker, with but those are for another story). This freshman (Garrett) and I sang "We Beseech Thee" together. For those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with Godspell, this is the big hoe-down number. It's the last happy song before Jesus gets crucified. Yeah. And I sang it. I ran around on stage and clapped and hit the high note at the end.

The song is a really upbeat, country-sounding romp. The lyrics have that always entertaining, "Hey, let's get excited about God!" attitude. If you have only seen the movie, this song was (wisely) cut. I suppose, when it was written for the stage, they wanted more variety for the music. When it came time for the movie, I can see why this one just wasn't a crowd favorite.

So why am I noding this silly piece of show tune garbage? Because I sang the damn thing. There's really nothing like getting up on stage in front of a bunch of people and performing a gleeful (albeit hopelessly corny) musical number. It's a song that has to be sung at 120%. You can't have any inhibitions. You have to push yourself to the red line, jump around and smile and sing all at the same time, knowing that the audience thinks that you're a complete idiot, but only being able to turning up the energy to compensate. Singing it was one of the closest things to true freedom that I've ever felt. It's a truly unique experience, and I don't really regret it (even if I'm not really into the whole Jesus thing :).

(Some of the verses aren't exactly like the version I performed, but they all basically say the same thing anyway. You get the idea.)

(Soloists) Father, hear thy children's call
Humbly at thy feet we fall
Prodigals confessing all
(Everyone) We beseech thee, hear us!

(Soloists) We thy call have disobeyed
Into paths of sin have strayed
And repentence have delayed
(Everyone) We beseech thee, hear us!

(Soloists) Come sing about Love! (Everyone: Love!)
That made us first to be
Come sing about Love! (Love!)
That made the stone and tree
Come sing about Love! (Loooooove!)
(Everyone) That draws us lovingly
We beseech thee, hear us!

(Everyone) Sick! (Soloists) We come come to thee for cure
Guilty! We seek thy mercy sure
Evil! We long to be made pure
We beseech thee, hear us!
Blind! We pray that we may see
Bound! We pray to be made free
Stained! We pray for sanctity
We beseech thee, hear us!


(Everyone) By the gracious saving call
Spoken tenderly to all
Who have shared man's guilt and fall
We beseech thee, hear us!
By the love that longs to bless
Pitying our sore distress
Leading us to holiness
We beseech thee, hear us!
Grant us all from earth to rise
And to strain with eager eyes
Towards the promised Heavenly prize
We beseech thee, hear us!

(then here's the best part...)
(Soloists) Come sing about love, love, love
Come on sing about love, love, love
Come on sing about love....
That draws us lovingly!
We beseech thee, hear us!

(now, everyone gets in a line, bends over, and flaps their arms like chickens...no, I am not kidding...)

We punch the last word, arms outstreched, chest high, with a big, corny smile on our faces, basking in the applause for our stupid song.

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