Something that I add after all most all of my most amusing stories from freshman year of college. When I meet new people and start telling them a story, I usually get some pretty strange looks. This phrase (sometimes) takes care of those looks because it provides perfect explanation.

Yeah, so I was in the boy's scholarship hall bathroom naked and dripping wet, trying to share a towel with my roommate...We were tripping.

My friends and I all thought we were gnomes and drove around out in the country taking roads that 'looked pretty'...oh yeah, we were tripping.

Jon almost sent an email to his dad that contained only the phrase "I'm a genie in a bottle." We laughed about it for the next half hour. Well, we were tripping.

Yeah, so my ex was getting ready to jump off of a building and felt really bad and somehow I got into his mind and it was the worst experience of my entire life. We were tripping.

Honestly officer, it's not our fault that the building is painted such a pretty shade of purple. We were tripping!

Okay, maybe this phrase cannot take care of every situation, but pretty damn close.

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out which of these situations did not happen in real life(tm).

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