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A company that made a program called "webHancer Customer Companion" for Windows.

Sounds positive enough? Not! Beware of every product that calls you a "customer". It means it will cost you more money. =)

webHancer Customer Companion was a component that was installed alongside with perfectly ordinary programs, often without telling in advance. Removing it by ordinary means was extremely difficult; while webHancer claimed program didn't touch the system, removing it incompetently will wreck a thing or two. These days, Ad-Aware is automated to do the removal, too.

The component, once installed, would monitor the user's web use performance "unnoticeably" (though the users, of course, disagreed strongly about the latter claim...) and report the things back to webHancer servers.

Of course, by "web performance", they actually also mean "visited URLs".

In other words, it's spyware at its worst!

webHancer component was installed by many programs, including AudioGalaxy Satellite.

A page with technical details and removal stuff, at Counterexploitation: http://www.cexx.org/webhancer.htm

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