Weetzie Bat is the story that started it all, and pretty much made Ms. Block as famous as she is now. Her book was well-received even by people who don't really like to read, because of the unusual, easy-to-follow poetically "real" style. It is the urban fairy tale of a girl, Weetzie Bat, who adventures through life with her best friend Dirk. All the girls think Dirk is hot but it is their bad luck that he is gay, and searching for his "duck" (their term for the perfect guy). And Weetzie, she just wants to find her secret agent lover man. Weetzie rubs a magic lamp one day and finds a genie. She wishes for a duck for Dirk, "My secret agent lover man for me," and a beautiful house for them to live in. When Dirk's grandmother dies and leaves them her house and then both of them find their true loves, it comes clear that her wishes have come true. Mostly. Some troubles crop up, like when Weetzie wants to have a baby and My Secret Agent Lover Man doesn't want to, so she finds alternate ways and he leaves her on his own adventures, which also cause unusual things to happen, but everything turns out for the best. The story of the family is continued in Witch Baby.

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