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A 1990 chick flick starring Winona Ryder and Jeff Bridges.

Dinky Bossetti (Ryder) is a misfit at school who doesn't get along with her adoptive mother and has been sent off to various boarding schools through out her life. Roxy Carmichael is a local legend, a misfit herself who ran away after having a baby at age 15 and had a song written about her (on the soundtrack as "I Will Never Be the Same" by Melissa Etheridge). Jeff Bridges plays the father of said baby, which had been left on the steps of the hospital. Roxy is scheduled to come home, and a lot of festivities are planned. In the midst of this, Dinky decides she is Roxy's daughter and so plots to meet her when she comes.

This was my favorite movie in high school because I could so readily identify with the main character. I'm not adopted, but I was always the outcast. Melissa Etheridge's other song, "Don't Look at Me," was my personal anthem. I still can't find a recording of it anywhere.

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