Yo, this be my first poetry-like jam on e2. You mus respect I ain't no poet, I just got tha flow. Holla!

Nota muthafuckin' bene, dawg: Shot-callas keep tryin' to tell me my joint be all wrong with syllables and other bullshit. Theah be no countin' yo. The syllabic arrangement be based on the Fibonacci sequence, Nostradamus-related truths, and other shit that'd make yo head explode should you attempt to contemplate its mystic wisdom. Word is BOND. The beats undah which this jam is recited be the Police Academy theme song mashed up with Einstürzende Neubauten, foa yo imagination.

What if kittens grew on trees?
I'd bang my head on they furry knees.
They sharp lil' claws be swingin' in tha breeze.
You know my shit tight wit words such as these.

Hatas ax, "Why you talk so crazy?"
They don' recnize my lyrics flow like gravy.
But I got thoughts and items on my mind
So advanced they leave shot-callas behind
Such as: cat-growin' trees, 'lectric plants, flyin' moose
Or me checkin out yo girl's caboose.

e2 got poems bout love devine
Or some nerdy shit bout the start of time.
But word is bond yo's truly don't got time.
e2 take foreva to load these wacked out rhymes.

I sat down to read somethin tha otha day
Jukka theme rockin' on my display.
Then it hit me: I be sittin' back, takin' all in,
But if dope beats kill I'd be murderin'.
Gangsta do what he have to do
Even if it mean disrespectin' yoself or yo crew.

So this be the call, hope you recnize what I say.
I got some dope-ass shit from around tha way.
I gots mo flow than the man got bombs
And I been all ova and unda yo moms.

Some people don't like what I gots in stoah.
They can dish out and I come back for moah.
They think my word wack they think it from tha shitter.
They don't know I speak in supafresh flytameter.

Quick like a bike be my voice on tha mike
Though my metaphoric device you may dislike.
Whateva words bring out the freshest flow
Most impohthant am what get me the sexiest ho
Cause they moah to life than disrespectin'
Tha corpse o knowledge be needin' disectin'.

Is this all that life can bring?
I think o' my dead homies when winter turn to spring.
Sometimes-it be true-the world get me down
But then I take hope in the flow that I found.

One love be tha word and word be bond
Even when happiness take off like a duck from a pond.
So I keep it in mind and deep inside
'Specially when I got kitten trees on my mind.
So remember tha flow with yo mind and yo soul
And never fohget me and these rhymes in control.

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