More specifically, the chaotic and uncontrollable power that all females possess inherently. According to Hindus, we're like born with it and go through life both battling with and reveling in the stuff. Yeah, it is taught in Hindu mysticism through the lessons and personas embodied by Sita and all the other female deities. My personal favorite of which is the goddess Sarasvati. Or, if you are in Indonesia, Saraswati. You say tomato, I say tomato.

1. Shakti was a band formed by John McLaughlin after disbanding his Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1975. McLaughlin changed direction and switched to indian music and acoustic guitar instead of the electric he played beforehands. The Shakti band also consisted of 4 indian musicians, one playing on a violin, another on a tabla and two other playing rythms on a mridangam. The music is a fusion of jazz, indian and rock music and is very unique. The band recorded 4 albums and disbanded in 1977. Some of the members later reunited in 1999 for one tour and a double album.

2. Shakti literally means 'power'.

(Hinduism, Sanskrit)

  1. Energy--often considered female;
  2. In the context of the Mahabharata, a powerful weapon given by Indra to Radheya in return for the Kavacha and Kundala.

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