This is number 3 in the new Questions you never asked, but now that I mention it, yeah, that's a good point series.

So, although you probably never thought about it, now that I mention it, yeah, that's a good point. What IS the difference between butterflies and moths?

First of all let's start by saying that butterflies and moths are both insects of the order lepidoptera, and that 95% of the lepidopetra are moths.

There are several differences between butterflies and moths, but there are exceptions to almost all of them. Probably the best known difference is that butterflies fly during the day, and moths during the night. Butterflies are not more brightly coloured than moths. There are moths with stunning wing colours.

The better ways to tell the difference between moths and buterflies are:

  • Butterflies rest with their wings vertically clapped above their bodies, moths rest with theirs horizontally on their bodies. Think of the butterflies and moths you know, and you'll see what i mean immediately.
  • Butterflies have antennae with knobs at the end, moths' antennaes usually have tiny hairs along them which make them appear thicker.
  • Moths have tiny hooks or bristles which link the fore wing to the hind wing. butterflies do not.
Only the last difference has no known exceptions, but it is hard to tell without a magnifying lens.

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