These four hours of testing have led me to deduce
That your daughter isn't stupid or incapable at all.
Every time she fucks up, her confidence is reduced
Which in turn causes despair and her grades to further fall.

Our standard testing showed us her IQ is very high
at a level her performance is failing to reflect.
This led us to test further, since we all wondered why,
or whether she perhaps has personality defects.

The further testing and questionaires revealed some more:
She does have friends and hobbies and knows how to have fun.
But an important problem that cannot be ignored
is her lacking discipline to make sure her work gets done.

As for math and abstract logic and important things like these,
her attention span leaves a little to be desired.
However her communicative and artistic abilities
Reached the highest levels on our tests one can aquire.

Obviously her many conflicts with the Chicago P.D.,
problems with her teachers and her arguements with you
indicate her resentment towards authority,
something that, in future visits, I'll try to work through.

After four hours of testing, I got inside her head,
and the solution to your problem I can clearly see.
My diagnosis for your daughter can quite simply be said:
get her on some ritalin, she must have A.D.D.!

Ma'am I'm sure you see your hard earned money was well-spent
by taking your daughter here to be checked out by me.
At the Institute for Motivational Development...
just call me Merle Kirkpatrick, PhD.

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