Scramble for something to write stuff down on. Sure the first order of business is getting the car off the highway, or whatever. Then, there is the small matter of arranging for transport and repair. Oh yeah, and pondering the current status of your credit card. Really, these are little things. The most important thing is having some way to document the bizarre little moments that will bring reality to your "My car broke down" story. Because really, that's all that a breakdown is: a minor inconvience to serve as a catalyst for later storytelling. In fact, it will be these details that save you from any possible bullshit detectors that may be scanning your story. Remember, truth is stranger than fiction.

What pinky64 detailed is called popping the clutch, but the method he says won't do much for the car if it's not in motion.

If your battery is dead, or even if it isn't, but the car won't start, you can try to pop the clutch to get it into motion. This only works with manual transmission engines, as it requires operation of the clutch.

  • Turn the ignition to "on". You don't need to hold the key at "start".
  • Put the car into 2nd gear. (If you have a faster car, you may opt for first gear, either will work, but slower cars tend to pop better in 2nd gear). Hold the clutch in.
  • Have someone push the car to get it into motion. This is not as hard as it seems, just make sure that the e-brake isn't on.
  • When you reach a sufficient speed (don't try this going up a hill), say, 5-10 mph, release the clutch quickly. The engine should turn over, and the car should start. If not, try again. If subsequent attempts fail, you may want to have your car checked by a mechanic.
  • CHARGE that battery! Drive around for awhile to recharge it. If you turn it off and it's dead once more, it's likely you'll need a new battery.

You can always jumpstart the car if you have jumper cables and a willing person to help you out, but if you're in a hurry, popping the clutch is quite effective.

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