Transforms from helicopter to robot and back!


"If used logically, madness makes a great weapon."

Loves his job...careens across the sky spinning and weaving wild, crazy patterns. Believes enemies are more terrified of him if he acts wild during an attack. Flies at 400 mph, range 1600 miles. Amazing maneuverability...can fly at almost any angle. Carries four incendiary-shell cannons hi-energy photon beam rifle. Great strength as a robot...has null-ray module on hand, paralyzo box on leg. Reckless...prone to rotor blade damage.

  • Strength: 8
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Speed: 8
  • Endurance: 8
  • Rank: 6
  • Courage: 9
  • Firepower: 8
  • Skill: 8
Transformers Tech Specs

Whirl, like Roadbuster, was made from a mold owned by competing toy company Bandai and was based on machines from the Dorvack anime (in this case, the Ovelon Gazzette helicopter mecha). As a result, Takara avoided promoting them in the cartoon, and this combined with his frankly ugly appearance gave Whirl the lowest popularity of any Transformer his size.

Whirl (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Whirled (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Whirling.] [OE. whirlen, probably from the Scand.; cf. Icel. & Sw. hvirfla, Dan. hvirvle; akin to D. wervelen, G. wirbeln, freq. of the verb seen in Icel. hverfa to turn. &root;16. See Wharf, and cf. Warble, Whorl.]


To turn round rapidly; to cause to rotate with velocity; to make to revolve.

He whirls his sword around without delay. Dryden.


To remove or carry quickly with, or as with, a revolving motion; to snatch; to harry.


See, see the chariot, and those rushing wheels, That whirled the prophet up at Chebar flood. Milton.

The passionate heart of the poet is whirl'd into folly. Tennyson.


© Webster 1913.

Whirl, v. i.


To be turned round rapidly; to move round with velocity; to revolve or rotate with great speed; to gyrate.

"The whirling year vainly my dizzy eyes pursue."

J. H. Newman.

The wooden engine flies and whirls about. Dryden.


To move hastily or swiftly.

But whirled away to shun his hateful sight. Dryden.


© Webster 1913.

Whirl, n. [Cf. Dan. hvirvel, Sw. hvirfvel, Icel. hvirfill the crown of the head, G. wirbel whirl, crown of the head, D. wervel. See Whirl, v. t.]


A turning with rapidity or velocity; rapid rotation or circumvolution; quick gyration; rapid or confusing motion; as, the whirl of a top; the whirl of a wheel.

"In no breathless whirl."

J. H. Newman.

The rapid . . . whirl of things here below interrupt not the inviolable rest and calmness of the noble beings above. South.


Anything that moves with a whirling motion.

He saw Falmouth under gray, iron skies, and whirls of March dust. Carlyle.


A revolving hook used in twisting, as the hooked spindle of a rope machine, to which the threads to be twisted are attached.

4. Bot. & Zool.

A whorl. See Whorl.


© Webster 1913.

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