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A Christian band, whose name comes as an 'antonym' to the Blackhearts (courtesy of Steve Green, one of the founders of the band). Their 'official' albums are as follows, according to whiteheart.com:
Through many of these albums, White Heart is (but see http://www.whiteheart.com/whfaq.txt for more detailed info):

Rick (Ric, Rikk, Riq, Ricke, Rhic, Rikcq) Florian: lead vocals
Mark Gersmehl: keyboards, vocals, trombone
Billy Smiley: vocals, keyboards, guitar, trumpet
The songs from their self-titled album are:
  1. Hold On
  2. You're the One
  3. Listen to the Lonely
  4. He's Returning
  5. Carry On
  6. Guiding Light
  7. Everyday
  8. Nothing Can Take This Love
  9. Black is White
  10. Go Down Ninevah

According to http://www.whiteheart.com/info/letter9910.html, the band has temporarily and unofficially 'gone their individual ways'. Rick Florian is 'glad to stay home' and is a real estate agent in the Nashville area (TN I suppose), while Billy Smiley has begun a new music project called Eight 28.

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