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mission drive within everything
To be real. The velveteen rabbit was on to somethin', ya know?
Dual whistle, hacky sack, juggling, number theory, sieve theory.
Seattle Pacific University/NCS Corporation
That? Oh, we did that yesterday. We've moved on to bigger and better things today.
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I was interviewed recently. It was kinda fun. Reminds me why I actually started posting here way back in the day... Perhaps I'll post again sometime soon...

I don't remember how many moves it took to win that game, but the symmetry and "castling into check" were too poignant to ignore.

Warning: my earplugs have been engaged. /msg me if you want me to hear you.

I've been learning lisp recently. I started with Practical Common Lisp (it's online, and free!) and I'm currently using SLIME under Emacs for development with the SBCL REPL. My number theory library is hanging out in my scratchpad.

Current webcomic and graphic novel reading list (ordered by relative update frequency):

According to a political compass I am:

Economic Left/Right: -2.50
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.13

I have no idea what this means, but I'm not too worried about it.

grasshopotomaus: A creature that can leap to tremendous heights... once.
Words must be weighed, not counted.
People often find it easier to be a result of the past than a cause of the future.
"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." -- Bertrand Russell
-- As seen on /.

"Explain to us how fiber capacity can be increased by serial input at breakfast" -- Dilbert daily cartoon for 6/15/05 (desktop edition).

So, you came to my homenode! Well, you may as well check out my writeups since there's nothing much of interest here...

Version: 0.1.2
NF/Fi/AT I(+)>++ xp(+) n(+) C>+++ H++ c+(++) e # d+ D p(+)>+++ g N

Here are some numbers I'm interested in:

1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 17, 18, 23, 25, 30, 32, 33, 38, 40, 45, 47, 52, 58, 70, 72, 77, 87, 95, 100, . . ., 16665, . . .

My homenode id prime factors: 2*347233

abiessu violates a principle every once in a while: 1 known violation since 2005-07-25.

abiessu eats a sock
Sock count: 6 Start date: 10/11/01. (Seven if you count the earplugs.)

These noders are cool (no particular order).

I cast votes:
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

To clarify... an 'underlined plus' (or linked in this case) is my way of saying the mathematical 'plus or minus'. I haven't voted on the above recently, but the last time I did I was giving + for good writeups and - otherwise.

abiessu on:

Now, if that doesn't tell you what I'm interested in, I'm not sure what will.

Speaking of interest, it says a lot to me that my very first writeup (cyclohedron) is #11 for best rep and #1 for number of C!s among my writeups. I realize this doesn't translate well to other items of interest to me, but it still says that I should node what I know.

In case you're wondering, my writeup count has been going down rather rapidly due to me requesting deletions. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

some of these were interesting...
Submissive Introvert Concrete Feeler: one who finds missing children over the internet.
13% stressed: "get a job", "calm blue ocean . . . calm blue ocean"
Definitely male.
39% greedy: "greedy animal."
77% pure: "Back off, lady. I'm NOT afraid to use this."
$1M at 43.
79% un-telligent: "you kick ass."

Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 06:31:03
231/1123. Way cool!

First, there was God. He made Adam, then formed Eve. Then there was a lot of history. Then I came on the scene.

Preliminary to calculus when I was 10 (using the difference of powers). 3D modeling at 14, cycloid moved into the 3rd dimension (see cyclohedron, understood at 16). Dual whistle just prior to my 20th birthday. Most of the rest is just details.

By the way, abiessu doesn't mean anything in particular. It comes from a song, and I only relate it to electronics. Clubhouse Mix: Song 4, 35-40 minutes into it . . .. abiessu is pronounced ay-bee-EH-soo.

Current projects:

Factoring large numbers.
Proving the twin primes conjecture. (Yes, I expect it will be proven. Yes, I expect to come up with a proof of my own. I have no idea whether I will be the first to prove it however.)
Making an elliptic rotation (as opposed to a rotation). Also, elliptic cycloid and elliptic cyclohedron are on the 'eventually' list.
Proving primality for mersenne primes.
Creating a Voronoi Tesselation program.

My ekw settings... well, there's been an override (userContent.css). Check out my scratchpad for the CSS that I use on a day-to-day basis.

        E2 USER INFO: updated at Wed Dec 12 13:27:07 2001
nodes:   290         xp:      2668        cools:     16
level:   5           xp req:  0           nodes req: 90
max rep: 28          min rep: 0           total rep: 981
node-fu: 9.20        WNF:     4.93        coolratio: 5.52%

        E2 USER INFO: updated at Wed Jul 23 18:41:56 2003
nodes:   152         xp:       3531        cools:     44
level:   4           xp req:   0           nodes req: 98
max rep: 105         min rep:  -1          total rep: 1650
node-fu: 23.23       WNF:      14.75       coolratio: 28.95%
merit:   8.51        devotion: 1294

        E2 USER INFO: updated at Mon May 16 20:28:13 2005
nodes:   150         xp:       3707        cools:     46
level:   4           xp req:   0           nodes req: 100
max rep: 123         min rep:  -1          total rep: 2017
node-fu: 24.71       WNF:      17.51       coolratio: 30.67%
merit:   9.85        devotion: 1478

I do believe that the above is somewhat indicative of improvement... the only real improvements have been removal of junk (I still have more to do), and me updating my writeups.

The RPG known as e2 is well-known for its chatterbox...

Dude, you'll never believe what I just saw!

(darsi) panics again upon spotting a server error in the EPicentre
<KillerPenguin> gah!
<abiessu> Server Error (Error Id 2493116)!
KillerPenguin gives (darsi) antarctic good luck charm, (ice cube)
<abiessu> Server Error (Error Id 6731337)!
<(darsi)> no DyRE, well yes but nothing new, but I saw the news and paniced at the thought of no E2 for a few hours. I might even have to work instead.
<abiessu> Server Error (Error Id 7123694)! okay, that's enough.
<KillerPenguin> why can't you get to E2?
<(darsi)> and I jst remembered that those damm ... still don't show p
<Ulumuri> Is it possible to change one's password?
<Vice_hkpnx> I'd like to thank whoever softlined my last node. (realized I mistyped EVERY instance of 731)
<Fruan> KILLER BEES! (Bee id 9274298)
<pedrolio> yo joe! whats up?
<(darsi)> Thanks KP :)
<JayBonci> Yeah, WATCH OUT FOR FALLING CODE. It's fixed now.
<(darsi)> damm you jb you made me panic before my first cup of morning coffee
flamingweasel gets hit by a chunk of falling perl
<Joe14> hey pedro what up?
<(darsi)> Can I sue for damages? :P
Vice_hkpnx also realized his copy of the movie is mislabeled. WtF!
KillerPenguin is still wary of the whole time zone thing
<DyRE> server error for the ages
abiessu is rofl!
<KillerPenguin> classic

What, you don't believe it happened? Well then, try this!

<Ouroboros> falafel
<thefez> falafel
Chiisuta breaks thefez's kneecaps with a floppy cod
liveforever loves falafel. liveforever even knows how to make it from scratch. Yummy.
<Spork Avenger> <pedant> and it's garbanzo</pedant>
<abiessu> ah, many thanks good noders!
<godling> so i'm going to see an oscar wilde play this weekend. i hope it's cool.
<thefez> you keep yer floppy cod offa me!
<Roninspoon> COD COD COD!

You still don't believe? What else can I say?

<pylon> ¬_¬
<liontamer> Any experts on Japanese rules of formality out there? I need to leave the room I am in and I don't know how to.
<wick> Xenex: You're forgetting the most important thing: an oddly shaped grapefruit
<Achromatic> Won't a puff of smoke suffice?
<wick> Does anyone know what "on the ... tip" means? Please?
<Xenex> M.O.R. is a Blur song that has lyrics of "It's automatic". Thus the poor link with your name. Do I make sense? I think not!
<pylon> liontamer, stand up, smack the nearest person upside the head, scream "Korokito Yamamoto Kamakazi!" and dash to the nearest exit.
<Chihuahua Grub> liontamer: open the rice paper door before you walk through it.
<abiessu> anatole? what is the source of such an interesting name?
<Anatole> Well i'
<DejaMorgana> Holy Jesus Mother of Little Dashboard Puppets. Even when you agree it's scary.
Achromatic chuckles and wanders upvoding jailbait.
<Anatole> ack, bad keyboard. Well, I've been on this website for about an hour now and I think it has now officially assumed the title of Coolest Damn Thing Ever (tm)
<liontamer> Do I open the door before or after that polite statement?
<Xenex> wick: If I'm odd, what's normal?

Are there no believers in this audience?

MALTP goes "Wha?" at "Evangelical Buddhists"
<richardcranium> wherever you go, there you are?
<arcanamundi> omg momomom said fucked up. My head is all explody now.
<althorrat> i don't believe so. I could be wrong, of course. Though how that has any bearing on the subject is truly a mystery to me.
<momomom> Just treat yourself like a dead drunk and don't drive or do anything else that requires functional brain noding
<ac_hyper> omg arcanamundi said!
<momomom> LOL
<MALTP> ODing on percocet with editor powers
arcanamundi ambles around speaking in acronymics
MALTP is an acronym
<icicle> noding requires brain cells? i quit.

on the effects of mind-altering substances...

<tkeiser> caffeine makes me hate you all
<Halspal> I'm all about the herb. Coffee puts me in the mind of invading Poland.
<Auduster> I invaded Poland once.. Swept all across the planes to Warsaw.. Made my way right to the palace gates I did.. Then they said "Hey tourist.. What ya doing"? And I went home...
$ <Jurph> caffeine makes my eyes vibrate and gives me lightning-quick reflexes.
tkeiser is in the midst of caffeine withdrawl
<allseeingeye> Nobody in the world takes there Coffee more seriously than the Finns. I have never seen a laplander lip up to a doobie.
<Halspal> I shot pool using cocaine once and I think they're still worshipping a carved totem in my absence.
<IWhoSawTheFace> Thoughts of Paulina Porizkova put me in the mind of invading Poland.
tkeiser snorts a bottle of Coke
<IWhoSawTheFace> Milla Jovovich too, but she may be Czech. Eastern Europe is a tricky place.
<tkeiser> god, that pope was hot
<ianah0> I met a lovely 50something lady in nicarauga....former sandinista running a coffee plantation. such a nice lady...good coffee too. Caffeine makes you love everyone. yay!
<Auduster> I used to live with an incredibly tasty pole.. Spent all day meditating, lived in an alcove under our roof.. Very very sexy when she wasn't "purging" herself... Bulimia as meditation is strange..
<tkeiser> it also makes you repetitive
<ianah0> weird...I am getting reposts via the back button. that has never happened to me before.

&#1472; &#8235; &#8238; This is all you ever need know.

These are for me, particularly as some of them have nothing to do with the contents of the node in question: