You will never say everything you want to say. Not in a node, not in any other written communication, not in any oral discussion. And that's OK.

A part of the reason is that our ideas are more than words. They include feelings, intuition, plus other non-conceptual elements. Not everything you know, feel, believe, etc, can be expressed in words. Not everything should.

That is not to say certain methods do not exist to express ourselves better. I find it useful to create my write-ups offline (at least original ones, I generally write replies - like this one - online). That takes away the time pressure.

Once I finish writing, I re-read what I have written. Every single word of it. I add some, delete some, correct spelling mistakes. Again, I take my time.

When I am satisfied, I copy what I have written, create the node, and paste my write-up.

Then I check for HTML errors (like starting italics and forgetting to close them).

After the write-up is noded, that's it. I do not try to change it (except when I find further spelling errors). I let go of it. If I have more to say later, I create a new node and produce a new write-up. I know my write-ups are not perfect. But so what? Neither am I.

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