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Note: I got this idea from another node. Most of the material isn't mine; I just bastardized it.

How much do you know about human clothing? Obviously, there are two sides to the issue: the pro and the con. As for the good use of clothing technology, human organs can be clothed to keep them warm and add some individuality and variety of appearances. I have also found out that it helps women who cannot bear children in some cases.

On the other hand, there are negative aspects to human clothing. Some think that by covering our natural beauty, we will be "deprived of our human right". Since sexual innuendo will no longer be needed to get others naked -- which is the first step to produce more humans, this takes away from the value of humans. While nudity has increased, hedonism has decreased.

I think that human clothing is alright, but only to a certain extent. Considering the fact that I am interested in going into the cactus field, I can see great possibilities in clothing human "organs". Think about a little girl who is five years old. (Pervert). She is dying because she needs a trendy new sparkly top like Britney Spears'. Her allowance comes at the end of the week, but her time is running out. If doctors, scientists, and the rest of the upstanding members of our society would just deem it acceptable to conduct day-to-day business and all parts of life naked as a jaybird, then this little five-year-old could be spared of her life, free to live the life she deserves.

I think that as long as clothing is kept within reasonable bounds, it is perfectly acceptable. I do not think that entire people should be clothed. A heart has only one way to function... pump, pump, pump. It can't go wrong any more than real hearts can. However, I think clothing an entire human is just plain dangerous because there are so many functional external parts to a human. If this "cloth" starts to fray or -- god forbid -- ride up, how could anyone stop it? And to pick at a wedgie in public would only bring about more ethical questions as to the morality of a "clothed life."

Considering both sides of the human cloning controversy, do you think that humans should be clothed, and to what extent?

There are definately two sides to this.

On one hand, it is a wonderful feeling to be free, uninhibited by clothes. The feeling of being nude is sensual, exciting. Walking around your house, doing normal things, even just laying in your bed (yes, alone) all seem more exciting if you're nude. Without clothes, you can't be distinguished as rich, or different than others (in the sense that we're all the same when we're born, not counting those who've had plastic surgery and may be distinguishable). If everyone were comfortable with being naked there wouldn't be so much hype when people show some flesh.

But, there is the protection factor. Clothing does guard us from the elements. It gives us warmth. And there is that time of the month where everyone would want women wearing clothes, at least on the bottom. The style side of it is a way for self expression and exploration. So yes, clothing can be good too.

I think a practical, medium ground that may be possible for Americans today would be to continue normal clothes wearing in public. Yes, sometimes that isn't much, but instead of gawking we should applaud that they're comfortable with their bodies. Those who live in a home where it's possible (as in don't have a creepy roomate, or a younger sibling) should try walking around in the nude more. You'll become more comfortable with yourself, and learn to appreciate your body more. It is an amazing thing, after all.

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