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Why I Need to Leave

For in as many ways I love you:
Your unsurpassed kindliness,
Your gentle thoughtfulness,
And your playful kisses,
I still leave your arms feeling blue.

So ask yourself, what could it be?
I would bet you lack the capability,
You see:

You have a problem questioning.
But not the Whos, or Whats, or even the Hows;
For just as the rest of these Minnesotan cows,
You seem unable to ask a simple question,"Why?"

For without this word it is difficult to apply,
Change, growth, a coming to common terms--
Things which fuel our love, to help it burn.

Realize, do not take for granted, life is a mystery:
A grand investigation wound through history.
I need you to ask, and to find the answers for yourself:

Why do I believe what I believe?
Why do I love what I love?
Why do I trust who I trust?

Without this understanding, my love is just an ugly lust.
And, although I am caring, I fear soon that I must,
Leave upon our separate ways, even though it hurts; I know,
It hurts me more to waste my time with one who cannot grow.

©2000 AP

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