when i met her, i was lonely.  she was nice, pretty, and NORMAL.
could she be the one?  
i tried to convince myself that i was being dumb, that i didn't need to be so 
specific about the type of girl that i dated.  so i said, hey, let's try this 
and see if it works out.

she had a fun body.  it was nice to have someone who cared about me.
that's where the problem lay; she liked me because i was like 
she had ever met.  and i got bored with her because she was like 
everybody else.

after a painfully long strain, (i am too nice sometimes), i just had to get it 

she cried; i got annoyed that my cell phone kept cutting out while i was
talking to her.  

i spent a year investing time into a boring person, trying to make myself a little
more boring so that i would be happy with her.  because she is a nice girl, such a 
nice girl.  

i don't think that i loved her, although i thought i did.  i was lonely, instead.

this was a nodeshell challenge by Byzantine. and quit softlinking!

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