'Anamika', 'Ana' for short.

Do you see her sitting under that dark green tree in her light yellow summer dress? Do you see her reading that book so sad? do you?

Two condoms, she makes me wear, "So I'll be sure it's fine, not just hope ..."

"Don't you wish to mother our child...", I asked once in a naive while.

"More than I want to breathe ... but if wishes were horses honey ...", she stops and kisses me.

'Anu' to her friends, 'Mummy' to her daughter.

Do you see her remove her hairband now? Giving some air to her hair, so black and so long, so smooth and warm. Do you see her dark black eyes?

"How can you be so warm all the time .. you're almost feverish", I ask her ...

"You make me so ... I'm a cold fish without you, Gold fish when you touch me, you're my Midas ..."

I continue to move inside her, slow and smooth, like a sensual kiss. Slow, is how she likes it. Youngest kid of three in her father's house, she's 'Nicki' to her sisters, 'Gudiya' to her parents.

"Get up love, you should leave now", she whispers in my ears, I'm dozing in her arms naked. Her husband starts from office around this time ... I should leave.

I get up and start to dress. "Don't forget to take the condoms with you", she reminds me. I pick up the two used condoms from floor and keep them in my fob pocket.

Two condoms, she makes me wear. Lady to her husband, My Other Half to me.

In reality, it is inadvisable to wear two condoms simultaneously.  This applies whether it's two male condoms, worn one on top of the other, or if it's a man wearing a male condom whilst his partner wears a female condom.  Friction generated when the two condoms rub together increases the possibility of abrasion, tearing, or slippage of both condoms, making transmission of bodily fluids more likely than if only one condom had been used.  Even if you're using lubricant, one condom is safer than two.

And as we all know, boys and girls, you're better safe than sorry.

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