Some of you have suggested that removing the cat from my bed is a mean and heartless thing to do. Perhaps this writeup, written by my sister Christine, will make you think otherwise.

I recommend that this be read by people who own a cat and enjoy their feet intact!

The number one reason a human should not share a bed with a cat is the resulting lack of sleep. You might find it hard to sleep with a restless cat clawing and attacking your feet. In a cat's simple mind, your foot is a plump mouse just waiting to be eaten. Little does he know that he's about to spend the night outside your bedroom door.

There's nothing quite like being woken up from a deep sleep by the feel of sharp, pointy claws, spiked through your blanket, digging in to your flesh (ooh, my favorite). Love is painful, very painful, as he kneads your skin to show his appreciation of your time taken to just pet him...over..and...over...and over...again.

And somehow he thinks a foot is an open massage parlour. He seems to help himself to your feet and rubs away. He goes on for hours, repeatedly thrusting his head against your foot.

This would all be just adorable if it weren't 3:00 in the morning, not to mention on a school night with a math exam the next day.

It feels callous to just throw him out of your door and leave him sitting in the hall with bulging, teary eyes staring up at you, saying, "You're just going to leave me here? You expect me to sleep like this while you're away in a comfy warm bed?" but it has to be done. You stare back at him and say, "Sorry, but I have to sleep". You shut the door while he lets out a sad quiet meow.

Just one last thing. I've just discovered something new about my cat. He smells like gingerbread. (Hmm...)

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