The motto after which the more laid back portion of humanity lives, and quite a few animals. This is often referred to as slacking, although indefinetely postponing a task or action does not automatically make you a slacker.

Depending on the circumstances this can be a rewarding strategy for survival or recreation, or it can be very costly indeed.

For example, a post office applying this principle on delivering mail would in most cases put the office out of business, although in some countries the postal services have developed this system into an artform.

On the other hand, an animal in the wild can benefit from this strategy when applied correctly. Constantly seeking out prey and hunting is very expensive energy-wise. Laying in wait until something edible comes hopping along can be very effective.

In many human societies, this type of behaviour is often looked down upon, and definetely not encouraged, especially in the modern capitalist economies. Before the capitalist era, though, most people lived by this rule and led quite a comfortable, although unproductive life.

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