A frequent question posed to "nice guys" by women who already know the answer.

The list (with most likely answer first)
1. Because he doen't want to call you.
2. Because he wants you to call.
3. Because he is busy (yes, too busy to call you) Sad, but often true.
4. Because he is with someone else.
5. Because he knows it makes you crazy (and, anticipating your next question, yes, guys are that mean).
6. Because he knows that he does not have to call you, that you tolerate being lied to, all protests to the contrary.

Public Service announcement-
Information here to nice guys fielding these questions:
if she is gullible enough to believe that next time he will call, this is your cue to get the hell of Dodge. Otherwise you will have to deal with the next round of How can I be so stupid? questions.

You don't really need that , do you?

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