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All your bass are belong to us.
Bass guitar, Being the most mellow person I know(Without doing any drugs I might add), and just bein me.
If you don't do Nuffin' else...GROOVE
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The Dark Tower Series
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"Once you realize that you can do anything, you're totally free. You can fly. Don't be afraid to fly" -- That evil kid in The Good Son

I consider myself pretty well rounded. I mean, I'm an honors student, but then again I've also been a petty thug in my youth. I've tapped a phone line or two in my time, I've thrown my share of rocks at that "abandoned house"(which we later found out belonged to Officer Nicholson). I've placed a roast pigs head on a stick on the front lawn of some people I highly dislike. Then again I've played free gigs at school assemblies, nursing homes, and I always take in the mail for my neighbors when they go on vacation. But enough about that stuff. On to the musical side. I play a 4 string Kubicki Ex-Factor which was made during the time period that fender was manufacturing these basees(Mine has been upgraded by Phil Kubicki with the circut board that fender cut back on. You see, fender left out several pickup configurations on the circut board that Phil Kubicki originally designed that bass with. AFter upgrading there are two active positioins, 3 passive, and standby)a Vantage 5 string, and some crappy bass that I don't even know how to identify.I also hope to come into possession of a Fodera Emperor Elite 5 string, with a mohagony body, walnut top, and maple neck this very saturday. It's very very sweet, in both sound and feel. I use a Gallien Kruger 1001RB head, and a Gallien 2X10 speaker cabinet. They definatley do the job.

Music that you should check out: Rush

Victor Wooten

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones


Jason Becker This man is a huge inspiration to me


Lolita Naked Lunch Food that I suggest you eat:

General Tso's Chicken

Crystal Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

Authors I like:

Robert Jordan The Wheel of Time series is great

Raymond E. Feist BaK/Riftwar all the way

Stephen King The gunslinger series is my favorite series of all time, so if you dig Stephen King, I suggest you pick this up when you have some free time.