A Science Fiction movie by Bruce Wagner, with Oliver Stone as producer, set in the near future. Four different Directors, with William Gibson appearing in one short scene at the beginning. Starred Jim Belushi, Angie Dickinson and Robert Loggia . It ran for five nights in a row on Network TV back in 1993, two hours each night.

This movie is a monster, around 6 hours long. Hard to find on Video, but worth searching out. One of those films that means more with each viewing.

Also stars Kim Cattrall, Dana Delany, Nick Mancuso, Robert Morse, David Warner, Ben Savage, and Bebe Neuwirth.

Spoiler Alert!

Deals with Virtual Reality, Cyberspace, the Politics of technology, Holographic Television, mind control, conspiracy, media manipulation, psychotropic drugs that make VR seem real, and a evil Senator who is totally insane who wants to upload his brain to a computer to attain eternal life.

Twisted plot lines, violence, sadistic murder, kidnapped children, great soundtrack, powerful virtual reality death scenes, and introduced the Wilderzone, which is much like Gibson's Sprawl.

Spoiler Alert!

Don't read if you have not seen the movie.
A painter with connections to the resistance, called the Friends, has his eyes gouged out by a woman, and then returns the favor later, now able to see, using Virtual Light goggles, modified to jack in to his brain.

The movie is set in SoCal, and retro sixties is the happening thing. Virtual TV and manipulation of images, along with drug use, allows VR without a headset, marketed by the Corporation (Channel 3) that wants to run the world. The first show is Church Windows, but is only a vehicle to get the simstim units in to every household. The Government denies Channel 3 a monopoly on the technology, reminding me now of Microsoft, which is interesting in retrospect, because the browser and the Web didn't exist yet.
The most glaring mistake made by most people outside computing is to create unique quest objects -- a unique bit of integrated circuitry, a piece of software, a message -- that, for some reason or other can't be transmitted, duplicated, or reverse-engineered.Given that both sides are more-or-less equally skilled, the best ending to a film like Wild Palms is to *return* the Go chip to Kreutzer intact, and then casually say,

"Oh, yes, you can use it to control reality...like this." A flash, and one kid turns into a lion.

"Or like this." The second kid turns the coffee table into something else.

"Or like this." The third kid strips Kreutzer himself of all clothing.

"How...how many copies do you have?"

"'Bout a thousand. Going to make us a bundle...they're selling like mad. Of course, we've copylefted the design. Just thought you might want to know."

The three guys high-five each other.

"Have fun!"

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