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Born 1566 or 1567 in Scrooby, Nottingham, England died April 10 1644 in Plymouth. Married Mary and had children Jonathan (in Scrooby, Nottingham, England), Patience (in Scrooby, Nottingham, England), Fear (in Scrooby, Nottingham, England), Love (in Leyden, Holland) and Wrestling (in Leyden, Holland).

A passenger on the mayflower, William Brewster was the Reverend Elder of the Pilgrim's church at Plymouth, because their pastor John Robinson remained behind in Leyden, Holland, planning to come to America at a later time. Brewster was a fugitive from the King of England, because he had published a number of religious pamphlets while in Leyden, Holland which were critical or opposed the tenets of the Church of England.

source: http://members.aol.com/calebj/

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