"I got shot at in many places, including Afghanistan, but have never had a bullet enter my flesh, although I've gotten some nicks from shrapnel." - William T. Vollmann

Vollmann is an Author, Journalist, and many other things. He's written about the April 19th Oklahoma City Bombing, Bosnia, voodoo, prostitution, Afghanistan.

Volumes 1,2, and 6 of his 7-part Seven Dreams saga have been published. He graduated from Cornell as Magna Cum Laude. (Did I spell that right?) He's written for Spin magazine and a multitude of others.

He's written (the dates may or may not be 100%):
You Bright And Risen Angels -novel(1987)
The Rainbow Stories -shorts(1989)
The Ice-Shirt -novel(1990)
Whores For Gloria -novel(1991)
13 Stories and 13 Epitaphs -shorts(1991)
An Afghanistan Picture Show, Or How I Saved The World -autobiographical(1992)
Fathers and Crows -novel(1992)
Butterfly Stories -(1993)
The Rifles -novel(1994)
Open All Night(1995) -Captions of photos(photographs by Ken Miller)
The Atlas -autobiographic (won 1997 PEN Center West Award for best novel by an author living west of the Mississippi.)
The Royal Family(2000) -novel

Works in progress:
Argall - Seven Dreams, Vol 3 - rumored to be about John Smith and Pocahontas
Poison-Shirt - Seven Dreams, Volume 4
Dying Grass - Seven Dreams, Volume 5
Cloud Shirt - Seven Dreams, Volume 7

The Shame Of Your Youth
The Multitude of Crimes
Rising Up and Rising Down

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