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At on of the LAN parties, after some 3-4 beers, discussion went to "Microsoft" theme. We chatted a bit and then started talking about different GPF's we got at one point or the other. The best story that I've heard that evening was about an Abnormal Program Termination of notepad!

After the party, one of my frineds(antonz) ended up being too drunk to drive home, so we decided that he'll stay overnight in my basement, and help me fix my computer (which I had fucked up wery recently).

Getting to the point - Somewere during the procces of re-installing all the shit over and over again, Notepad, for the first time in my life, gave me an Illegal Operation Message!

Considering that I first heard that notepad CAN do that trick only about 6 hours ago, that was some weird coincidence.

My frined is a MicroSoft hater, so he immediately took the screenshot, pasted it in M$paint, and tried to save it!

Guess, what hapened next??

Paint crashed too!!!

Fortunately enough, I was able to get a screenshot of Crashed Paint with the message of crashed notepad inside.

Point being?

M$Windows is trying to hide it's most miserable mistakes!

Update 04:37 Tue Sep 26 2000:

Thanks to novalis the screenshot is now available online.


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