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Combine Pop Rocks, Sunny Delight, and a heaping helping of wry cynicism. Agitate gently. Ingest.
mmm... Tastes like Winterbrief!

My sister accidently discovered Winterbrief on Napster last December and we have both been hopelessly obsessed ever since. They are not punk. They are not indie-pop. They are not a thousand monkeys wildly whirling in a crack-induced haze... But oh, they are!

The band consists of Jan Geesin, 23 (keyboards and led vocals) and Julian Garr, 24 (guitar, drum machine, and backing vocals). The two met in high school in Washington DC and played together in a band called Plastic Pluto before moving to Philadelphia and forming Winterbrief. Songs of note include I Want to be Sexy, an absolutely hilarious anti-francophone rant, Glow We, which always reminds me of E2 burnout, and Art Loft Rebel, a bizarre and snide jab at emo brats.

A Sucrose Polyester-7" single, Intellectos Records
Complaints From the Beauty Class-CD, Hub City Records

I've been able to find painfully little about the band, and trying to buy them here in Nashville has proven impossible. Still, I urge you to try to get your hands on some of their music. It's funny, it's cynical, and it's very, very perky.

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