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Comic book character created by Jack Cole and owned by DC Comics. He's best known as Plastic Man's sidekick and best buddy. He's short, fat, and dumb, with a big nose, a straw hat, and polka-dotted shirts. He started out as a criminal known as the Man Who Cannot Be Harmed, but in later issues, his powers diminished, and he became known as the Man Whom Nature Protects (Sometimes). In most other comics, the bumbling, girl-chasing Woozy would've been the comic relief, but Plastic Man was a bit of a goofball anyway, so Woozy was more of an equal partner in the mayhem.

In recent years, DC has reinvented Woozy slightly by giving him an origin, in which he was a top government agent until he was teamed with Plastic Man; Plas got shot, both of them got sealed up in a locker, and the fumes from Plas' plastic blood gave Woozy brain damage. More recently, Woozy has been given a sister, Wanda, and a nephew, Weezer.

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