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World War One Timeline, 1914-1918

1914 (For More Info: World War I Timeline: 1914)

June 28-Archduke Franz Ferdinand gets shot in Serbia, this is the wee spark that started The Great War.
July 28-Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia.
August 1-Germany declares war on Russia.
August 3-Germany declares war on France.
August 4-Germany invades Belgium, which is neutral. Germany wants to start isolating Britain’s Navy.
August 4-Great Britain declares war on Germany.
Week of August 26-Russians attack Germany, forcing Germany to withdraw resources from France.
September 5-10-In the Marne, the French halt German advances.
September 15 -Trenches were dug along many major fronts. Marks start of trench warfare, the bloodiest kind of warfare ever seen.
December 25-The soldiers see the pointlessness of war and sing Christmas songs to each other. Fighting resumes half-heartedly the next day.

1915 (For More Info: World War I Timeline: 1915)

Sometime This Year-Armenian Genocide: Turks deported all the Armenians from the Russian war zone. Armenians were suspected of being possible Russian sympathizers. The Armenians died en masse during the deportation.
January 19-Germans start using airships (Zeppelins).
February 4-Germany decides that it shall conduct unrestricted submarine warfare, all ships can be considered targets.
April 25-Allies invade Gallipoli in Turkey, hoping of moving north into the Balkans.
May 7-Lusitania sunk. This angers the allies, as the Lusitania was a ‘passenger’ ship. The Germans thought it was carrying munitions, and even published ads in the New York Times warning passengers not to board the ship.
May 23-Italy finally declares war on Austria-Hungary.
August 30-Germany tries to appease the still neutral US by promising to give some warning before sinking ships, such as surfacing subs and firing warning shots.

1916 (For More Info: World War I Timeline: 1916)

February 21-December 18-Verdun battle was fought between the Germans and French. There were 1 million casualties, it was a strategic draw.
May 31-June 1-Jutland was the only Naval battle of the war. It was fought to a draw like Verdun, between the British and German navies.
July 1-November 18- the battle in Somme causes 1 million deaths, and no strategic gain. Things look bleak for the allies at this point in the war.
November 7-President Wilson is reelected Commander-in-Chief. The British also elect new prime minister shortly after.
December 31-Rasputin is murdered by family members of the Tsar. They feared his influence over the Tsar.

1917 (For More Info: World War I Timeline: 1917)

Sometime This Year-The British issue the Balfour Note declaring their support for a Jewish state in the country of Palestine.
February 1-Germany re-declares unrestricted submarine warfare against all ships in the Atlantic. Ships are sunk without warning.
April 6-The United States declares war on Germany. The American public expresses support for the Triple Entente.
July 6-Lawrence of Arabia and the Arabs capture Aqaba. Impetus for string of 1950’s war movies with bad British actors.
August 6-Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky is appointed Prime Minister by the Tsar, to appease the revolutionaries.
November 7-Lenin’s Bolshevik socialists overthrow Kerensky's weak government.
December 3-Trotsky signs an armistice with Germany.
December 9-The British capture Jerusalem, finally finishing off the crusades started 900 years previously.

1918 (For More Info: World War I Timeline: 1918)

1918-1919-Influenza or The Spanish Flu of 1918 kills more people then the entire war.
January 8-President Woody presents his 14 points for world peace and blatant Americanism. (As pointed out by several fellow noders, the 14 points, League of Nations, and effects of nationalism cannot be distilled down to something this basic.)
May 23-Germans shell Paris.
July 16-Bolsheviks slaughter the Tsar and his family.
August 8-Allied push on the Somme causes German retreat.
November 9-Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates, and runs with his tail between his legs to Holland, where he lives until his death in 1941.
November 11-So the saying goes: At eleven o'clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, The Armistice is signed.
November 12-Charles I, the last Austrian emperor abdicates.
November 13-Austria proclaims itself a Republic. The following week Hungry proclaims itself a Republic. The Fruits of Democracy spread gloriously though Europe. Before a peace conference could convene, the Austrian-Hungary empire becomes an anarchy, then a multitude of smaller countries.
October-Hapsburg Nationalities get recognition from the Allies.

This was an assignment for my Topics of the 20th Century IB class. Sources: I used my notes from class, given by Mr. Rushing, my teacher. For some of the dates, I used http://pbs.org/greatwar/timeline

Kudos to the collaborative environment that is E2. I have linked to the year-by-year pages, and they have far surpassed my own meager timeline.

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