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  • BoE: Bind on Equip

    Items which bind on equip become soulbound to a character the first time that they are equipped, and can never be given to another player afterwards. Until they are equipped, they may be sold to, traded to, or given to another player.

  • BoP: Bind on Pickup

    Items which bind on pickup become soulbound to a character as soon as they enter that character’s inventory. They can never be given to another player.

  • DE: Disenchant

    Enchanters can disenchant items of uncommon (green) quality or better, which destroys the item and produces magical dusts, essences, and shards, which are used to put enchantments on equipment.

  • DPS: Damage Per Second

    The average amount of damage that a player deals. Because certain classes are particularly good at having a high rate of DPS, players specialized in this are often referred to as DPSs by players putting together groups.

  • ninja

    A player who steals items or resources that they do not deserve. For example, if another player is trying to kill a group of monsters to get to a chest, another player who walks up and empties the chest, safe from the distracted monsters, would be a ninja. Also refers to players who take items that they don’t need in a group situation. “Ninjaing” is considered a serious offense, and can get a player kicked out of their guild.

  • proc: procedure

    Many high-quality weapons and armor have special abilities that are randomly activated under the right circumstances; for example, a sword that occasionally engulfs enemies in flames. When this effect occurs, it is said that the item has “procced.” Items which do so often are said to have high “proc rates.”

  • SS: Soul Shard or Soulstone

    Soul shards are created by warlocks from the souls of defeated enemies by using an ability as the target dies. They are then used as reagents in spells that the warlock casts. A warlock ability called "soulstoning" allows a player in the group to resurrect themselves after dying.

  • vendor trash

    Items whose names are gray are of the poorest possible quality. Other than equipment for players under level 5, they are considered to be useful for nothing other than selling to vendors.

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