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  • AH: Auction House

    Auction houses are found in every major city on Azeroth. Each faction has their own auction system, which is identical, no matter which city it is used from. In addition, there is an interfaction auction system, accessible from the neutral cities: Booty Bay, Everlook, and Gadgetzan.

  • BoE: Bind on Equip

    Items which bind on equip become soulbound to a character the first time that they are equipped, and can never be given to another player afterwards. Until they are equipped, they may be sold to, traded to, or given to another player.

  • BoP: Bind on Pickup

    Items which bind on pickup become soulbound to a character as soon as they enter that character’s inventory. They can never be given to another player.

  • BS: Blacksmith

    Blacksmithing is a profession that allows a character to make weapons, mail armor, and plate armor. Blacksmiths can specialize in armosmithing, swordsmithing, axesmithing, or macesmithing.

  • DE: Disenchant

    Enchanters can disenchant items of uncommon (green) quality or better, which destroys the item and produces magical dusts, essences, and shards, which are used to put enchantments on equipment.

  • farming

    Farming is the act of staying in one area and performing the same task repeatedly for extended periods of time. This might be killing the same monsters or gathering the same resources. Some players are farmers, who spend all of their time on Warcraft farming. Farmers are paid (in real life) for their work, which is usually sold online on a site that exchanges real money for game money. Farmers are universally despised by players, leading some particularly thoughtless players to denounce any Chinese gamer they meet as a farmer.

  • JC: Jewelcrafter

    Jewelcrafting is a profession that allows a character to make rings, necklaces, trinkets, some weapons, and at high levels, cut raw gems so that they can be inserted into socketed items to give bonuses to the wearer.

  • PST: Please Send Tell
  • A request for players to respond by private message. Because private messages are referred to as “whispers,” many players (incorrectly) believe that PST is intended to simulate the sound of a whisper — psst!

  • vendor trash

    Items whose names are gray are of the poorest possible quality. Other than equipment for players under level 5, they are considered to be useful for nothing other than selling to vendors.

  • WTB: Want To Buy

    Players trying to locate a specific item using the trade channel will commonly state their request in the form WTB item, where item is the name of their object of desire.

  • WTS: Want to Sell

    Players trying to sell an item using the trade channel will commonly state their request in the form WTB [item name].

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