This is a line I hear running through my head as I try to sort through the stuff in my tiny house. It's a line from Disney's the Little Mermaid

Being a pack-rat is a disease. It's all about emotional issues. Mine stems from a childhood emotional neglect. That, and a really bad breakup after which I just couldn't bear to see anything connected with him. So I boxed it all up, and it's still following me around.

I'm working on this issue right now. I'm moving in a month, and so it's an opportune time to see if I can kick the habit. Time for me to evolve. Now, if I can only stop crying when I keep finding his love notes from the girl he dumped me for.

The thing to remember is that I do have everything; it's right there in my head. I don't need the everything that's in my house to prove that.

And, like Ariel, I want more. Maybe when I get rid of all of this stuff, my load will lighten enough that I'll be able to fly.

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