I often get the feeling that everyone is hiding the truth from me. I don't know why, but it is a recurring fear of mine. I figure that somehow when I was born everyone just knew I would never be able to handle reality, so they've all conspired to make me feel as though I'm better than I actually am. This conspiracy spreads to all realms of my ability.

People tell me how intelligent I am when I'm actually not so smart. The plan goes so far as to make sure that I receive good grades in school just so I don't catch on. They tell me that I'm nice and funny, yet I'm really quite annoying and uninteresting. I supposedly have friends and people that love me. They tell me how beautiful and wonderful I am because it would just be too hard to reveal that I'm quite unlovable.

No one ever wants me to realize my true ability because they think I'm too fragile to grasp my own mediocrity. In hopes of perpetuating my happiness, everyone continues to lie to me. Of course, I think about it for a while and realize how completely absurd the entire idea is. But there are those brief moments when I wonder if everyone just looks at me and thinks "Poor Kimonade, if she only knew the truth how sad it would be."

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