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My hand! What’s wrong with my hand?

Have you ever looked closely at your own limbs? While taking Anatomy this semester, I have been forced to assess the normality of my own extremities while sitting in class listening to lecture after bizarre lecture.

One day not long ago, Mr. Myers was explaining the carpals and metacarpals of the human anatomy in relation to other mammals. He was using his own hand to show where each specific bone was located. He said to examine our own specimens to see what he was talking about. This was the first time I noticed my deformity.

While in the hospital, I was in close proximity with several emaciated figures. I was lead to believe bonniness was normal. After “restoring” much of the weight my sickness had claimed, my hands never managed to fill out again. I retained a large dent between my pinky and ring finger, right above my wrist. I can balance a quarter in it. I thought everyone possessed such a handy change storage compartment, but I was rudely awakened.

Mr. Myers didn’t even have a name for the dent. No “fossa” this or “process” that. No one else in the room had such a dent. Henceforth, the visible indentation found somewhere between the Pisiform and Lunate carpals, is known as Katie’s Dent.” No kidding. I intend to inform the authorities of the human anatomy immediately.

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