Take a large head and cut
off the top as though hacking 
at a soft-boiled egg

or eviscerating some peach
you're no longer fond of
(although evisceration

is generally more concerned
with disemboweling things,
but still, you get the notion).


The ideal head for this
(the only one that will work at all)
is your own. You can certainly

borrow others or begin 
in that manner, but in the end
none of those attempts

will give you what you need
which is what you truly own
of the stuff inside there.


People will talk of heart and memory
or syncopation, fields and experience,
but those things and the thousand

others we could pop out here
like unwanted pustules of longing
are only conduits, lifelines

and each must run for processing
through the one prima porta
of your singular and only head.


Don't let anyone tell you
it's nothing but an easy matter
like doing a groin graft
with chopsticks.


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