A game strongly inspired by nethack and lpmud, and somewhat related to crossfire. It runs largely on a java/python mix called jython, which allows all sorts of nifty things such as spells that are individual programs seperate from the server, dynamic maps, and all the fun lpmud real-time mucking about. Areas, monsters, items, and such can be tweaked on the fly by modifying the XML or modifying the underlying jython and reloading affected portions(which is one of the key reasons jython is used instead of just java).

It is a graphical mud, using a carpenter's projection for monsters and buildings, although it might switch to a more normal isolinear view in the future.

The only really bad thing about it is that currently there isn't much of a fine-grained security model for jython, so you have to be an apprentice wizard for making plain static additions, and then a regular wizard doing maintainence and administrative stuff to gain a sufficient trust level before you can put all of the nifty dynamic features of jython into places/things that the regular players can use. But your personal workspace can have all sorts of nifty toys, safely out of the way.

Well, except for the rare instance when a misbehaving player gets introduced to the Sarcophagus of Naughtiness.

For the lazy, it's www.cabochon.com

A wyvern is a mythical creature. Much like Dragons their real nature is different for different purposes or cultures. In some places the name wyvern is the same as dragon where as in others they are their own form of creature.

A "classic" wyvern is very much like a dragon. They are reptilian, serpent like, and may or may not breath fire. They generally lack forearms, instead boasting a pair of wings, along the same design as a bat. Size different with each culture but Wyverns are almost always large creatures, at least the size of a horse but often being as large as elephants or houses.

Like dragons, some breath fire, and other do not. Some legends and stories they breath ice or acid, again, like dragons.

The single largest difference between dragons and wyverns is their intelligence level. Dragons are classically very smart creatures, master minds and skilled magic casters. Wyverns are animals, not thinking beyond their basic instincts and needs. Wyverns have no piles of gold in their caves, only loose animal bones or scraps. They don't have empires of minions or even servants. This also means that Wyverns never have a battle plan and are often easier to fight than a quick thinking dragon. Wyverns can be trapped or fooled using bait, flashy objects, or other hunter's tricks that would never work on a dragon.

In Monster Hunter, Wyverns are the largest and most dangerous of monsters. There are about a half dozen different types of Wyverns in the game, one for each type of territory in the levels.

Wy"vern (?), n. Her.

Same as Wiver.


© Webster 1913.

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